SERDANG, 22 MAY 2024 - Cyclone, a renowned innovator in the motorcycle industry, proudly announces the launch of its latest model, the RT2e. This modern 250 sets a new benchmark in the lightweight category, combining efficient performance with advanced technology, all at an attractive price point of RM13,888.00.

Redefining Lightweight Scooters

The RT2e is engineered for riders who seek a blend of performance and practicality. Its powerful yet compact engine, coupled with modern features, makes it an ideal choice for urban commuters and new riders alike.

Key Features

The RT2e is powered by a single-cylinder, in-line, 4-stroke, 4-valve, water-cooled DOHC engine with a displacement of 250cc. This engine delivers a maximum power output of 18kW at 7,500rpm and a peak torque of 24.5Nm at 6,500rpm, providing a responsive and smooth ride. The bore and stroke measurements are 73x59mm, and the engine has a compression ratio of 10.7:1, ensuring efficient fuel combustion and performance. The fuel system is managed by an EFI system controlled by an ECU, offering optimal fuel efficiency and reliability.

The RT2e features an electric starter and disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels, enhancing safety and control. The tubeless tires (120/70-R12 at the front and 130/70-R12 at the rear) provide excellent stability and grip. The scooter's dimensions are 2,050mm in length and 770mm in width, with a wheelbase of 1,410mm and a ground clearance of 120mm, making it maneuverable in various riding conditions.

Comfort is a priority with the RT2e, featuring a seat height of 750mm, making it accessible to riders of different heights. The dry weight of 162kg ensures the scooter is light and easy to handle, while the 13-liter fuel tank capacity allows for longer rides without frequent stops.

The Future of Urban Riding

The RT2e is not just a scooter; it's a perfect companion for daily commutes and weekend rides. Cyclone continues to push the boundaries of motorcycle design, focusing on creating machines that offer superior performance, safety, and comfort.


The RT2e is now available for purchase at a starting price of RM13,888.00. Cyclone offers various customization options and accessories to cater to the unique preferences of every rider. Motorcycle enthusiasts and city riders are eager to experience the impressive capabilities of the RT2e.

For more information, visit Cyclone's nearest dealership. Discover the new standard in lightweight scooters with the RT2e, the modern 250 designed for those who demand the best in their riding experience.











Zongshen Industrial Group (Zongshen Industrial Group) was founded in 1992, the founder Zuo Zongshen, the company is headquartered in Chongqing, China. The company's main business focus was initially placed on engine production. Including motorcycle engines, general power machinery, micro car engines, boat engines, small aerodynamics, motorcycles, electric vehicles, and important parts of motorcycles.

Zongshen locomotive has three main brands of "Zongshen", "Senlan" and "Sykelong". In the past two years, it has been the main brand of Cyclone on motorcycles. After several years of hard work, it has been recognized by the majority of riders. In view of Zongshen's solid foundation in engine manufacturing, Aprilia also delegated some models to Zongshen's OEM production, which to a certain extent also helped Zongshen accumulate more advanced management and production technology in motorcycle manufacturing.