SERDANG, 22 MAY 2024 - Keeway, renowned for its innovative and stylish motorcycles, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest model, the Sixties 250. This retro-inspired motorcycle combines classic design elements with modern performance and technology, offering riders a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary convenience.

The starting price for this stylish model is RM13,888.00 and will be offered in three colours of choices: Matte Black, Matte Green and Light Blue.

Reviving the Golden Era
The Keeway Sixties 250 is an homage to the iconic motorcycles of the 1960s, bringing vintage charm to the modern era. With its elegant lines, retro aesthetics, and advanced features, the Sixties 250 captures the spirit of a bygone era while delivering the reliability and performance expected by today’s riders.

Classic Design
The Sixties 250 features a timeless design with a teardrop fuel tank, round headlamp, and vintage-style seat. Chrome accents and retro colour schemes enhance its nostalgic appeal.

Efficient Engine
Powered by a fuel-injected 244.3cc single-cylinder engine, the Sixties 250 are capable to produce maximum power up to at 8,000rpm and torque 21Nm at 6,250rpm which offers smooth and responsive performance, perfect for both city commuting and weekend rides.

Modern Technology
Despite its classic look, the Sixties 250 is equipped with modern conveniences such as an electric starter, LED lighting, and a digital-analogue instrument cluster, ensuring a seamless blend of past and present.

Comfortable Ride
With its ergonomic seating position, plush seat, and well-tuned suspension, the Sixties 250 provides a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for both the rider and passenger.

ABS-equipped Brakes
The Sixties 250 includes advanced safety features like front and rear disc brakes with ABS with Nissin Callipers, ensuring reliable stopping power and enhanced control in various riding conditions.

Integrated Storage
Easily fit your helmet or other ride essentials under the seat.







Keeway Motor Company was founded in Hungary back in 1999, with a mission to provide affordable and reliable motorcycles to riders around the world. The name Keeway pays homage to the innovative design and engineering of the Chain Bridge while also representing the company's commitment to unlocking the rider's potential and providing a smooth journey on the road.

Keeway Motor Company did become a shareholder of Benelli in 2005 which allowed us to share design and production resources with the Italian motorcycle brand. This partnership has been beneficial to both brands, with Keeway being able to incorporate Italian design elements into our bikes while maintaining affordability and reliability. The Keeway Group's motorcycle brands (Keeway, MBP and Benelli) are currently marketed in 98 countries worldwide, and with the bicycle business included, the group boasts a presence in over 100 countries. Our immediate goal is to consolidate our position in the market share and then continue expanding into untapped markets.




Aisyah Ashaari, Marketing Executive