SERDANG, 22 MAY 2024- Voge Motorcycles, renowned for its commitment to excellence in motorcycle engineering and design, is excited to announce the launch of its latest model, the Voge CU525. This groundbreaking motorcycle sets new standards in performance, design, and technology, catering to both seasoned riders and newcomers alike.

Redefining the Riding Experience
The Voge CU525 is equipped with a robust 494cc engine, delivering impressive power and unmatched efficiency. This new model is designed to provide a seamless riding experience, whether navigating urban streets or exploring open highways. The high-performance 494cc engine is engineered for superior power delivery and smooth performance across all RPM ranges, making it the heart of the CU525.

Modern Aesthetics
In terms of design, the CU525 boasts a sleek and contemporary look characterized by sharp lines and an aggressive stance that commands attention. This modern aesthetic ensures that the CU525 stands out on the road, appealing to riders who value both style and substance.

Innovative Technology
Technologically, the CU525 is ahead of the curve. It features a comprehensive digital instrument cluster, providing riders with all the necessary information at a glance. The advanced ABS system further enhances the safety and control of the motorcycle, ensuring riders have the latest technology at their fingertips.

Comfort-Oriented Design
The Voge CU525 is also designed with a focus on rider comfort. It includes a plush seat, adjustable suspension, and strategically placed handlebars, all aimed at reducing fatigue during long rides. This comfort-oriented design makes the CU525 an ideal choice for both daily commutes and extended journeys.

Enhanced Safety Features
Safety is paramount in the CU525's design. The motorcycle is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including traction control and dual-channel ABS, which provide superior handling and control. Additionally, the LED lighting ensures optimal visibility, enhancing safety during night rides or in adverse weather conditions.

The starting price for the Voge CU525 is RM29,888.00, making it a competitive option in its segment. It is available in three striking color options: Green, Black, and Blue, allowing riders to choose a style that best suits their personality.

With the launch of the CU525, Voge Motorcycles continues to demonstrate its dedication to innovation and excellence in motorcycle manufacturing, setting a new benchmark in the industry.







Loncin began producing motorcycles in 1983 in Chongqing, one of the largest metropolises in central-southern China. Today, Loncin is one of the world’s largest developers and producers of motorcycles, and due to its technological innovations, its products have earned it gold in the motorcycle industry. They hold over eight thousand patents and successfully sell their products in over 100 countries worldwide.

VOGE was established in 2018 as a subsidiary brand of Loncin. Its sole purpose is to design, develop, and build premium motorcycles with high performance at their core, all built with the most advanced technology and components available.
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Aisyah Ashaari, Marketing Executive
Contact: marketing@mforce.my